What People Are Saying…

About the 40-Day Challenge

Lori highly recommends the Yoga Loft to anyone interested in trying yoga. She feels the yoga instructors make yoga interesting, fun and relaxing which helped her to stick to the challenge instead of getting bored or giving up. Lori thought the 40 day Challenge workshops were great. She felt the sessions helped to open her eyes to a few things. She loved that the instructors were friendly and very encouraging.

Allyson felt that the 40 days was the most balanced she has been in her life. She couldn’t believe how the 40 days went by so quickly. She is stronger, calmer and happier than before the challenge. Allyson thought the workshops were great and her favourites were the branches of yoga and food awareness. She looks forward to the next challenge!

Virginia feels more toned and like she is on the right path after the 40 Day Challenge. She loves coming to yoga because every class is different. She has completed the challenge two years in a row and always walks away with new knowledge from the workshops.

Sue was looking for a way to make self care a priority and she thought the 40 Day Challenge was an excellent opportunity. Through the process she experienced more self-acceptance and patience. Sue loved the check ins on FaceBook and making new relationships.

After 40 Days Derek has never felt more aligned-physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He feels balanced.

Beth participated in her second 40 Day Challenge. She feels that the 40 Day Challenge was an opportunity to grow, stretch and gain an amazing amount of information and routines that will benefit the rest of her life.

“I love the classes and really love the atmosphere and feel that is an important part of why I enjoy coming to class as much as I do. Also, I can’t say how happy I am with the results of attending the Yin classes. One month of Yin has done more good for my hip pain than 20 years of massage and chiropractic therapy!”   ~ Tanya

“The welcoming atmosphere of The Yoga Loft and the warmth of its instructors move the yoga experience beyond a regular exercise class. Clear, concise instructions ensure that students gain the maximum benefit from the poses and the practice. Soothing music encourages a mind, body, soul connection. And I love the sense of balance that reestablishes itself after I have spent an hour there”   ~ Candace

“I want to thank your for the professional way you lead the class, for showing me alternate poses to ones that I can’t get to and not making me feel bad about it, for your encouragement, and for taking the time to listen to your students about what they need…well done!”   ~ Kelly

“I worked in Moose Jaw for a few months, and did the lunch hour classes. Robyn’s lunch hour classes are where I first developed my love for yoga. They were the perfect length of time and I always left refreshed and ready to go on with my afternoon. Robyn was also great at being creative as she always asked for suggestions of what the group wanted to work on. I no longer work in MJ, but continue to do lunch hour yoga and will definitely drop by the loft if I am ever in town. Thanks Robyn!”   ~ Janelle

“Yoga motivates me to make time for myself, which is something I’m not usually very good at. I love that at The Yoga Loft, it’s about celebrating our bodies rather than trying to change them. To me, yoga is more than just a workout, it’s a personal journey with lasting benefits” ~ Kayla