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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy and Child Birth Prep at the Yoga Loft


Honour this divine stage in your life!

Enjoy your pregnancy more by learning poses that will help alleviate common physical discomforts that come with the territory.
Gain vitality and body awareness as you increase your flexibility, strength, circulation, and balance in a safe and supportive environment.
Empower yourself with greater relaxation, comfort, and enjoyment all in preparation for birth.
Connect with other women in this fun, welcoming environment.
Recommended after your 1st trimester.
*Pre-Registration required with filled out detailed registration form


a community of women.


and seek advice from others.


how to breath and move through birth to feel more relaxed and connected.

Let Go

of stress and anxiety related to giving birth.

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Mom & Baby Yoga at the Yoga Loft


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Restore your energy, connect with other Moms and foster a positive attitude towards change as you take some time each week to make a real difference in your life as a Mother.
The objective of this course is to create a nurturing space to help you on your postpartum journey through recovery and rediscovery of your body. The classes are also a special time for you to connect with your baby through touch and movement, there will always be a chance for discussion and of course that much needed relaxation in every class.

It is worth noting that Mom and baby classes by their nature are very relaxed and of course baby friendly!!!! You are always welcome to feed, sooth or change your baby during class. This is primarily a time for fun and bonding and not a time to take our yoga too seriously!

*Considerations for returning/starting yoga after birth*

Please allow yourself the adequate amount of healing time before attending class. Your lochia (blood flow) must have completely stopped before partaking in any serious physical activity. Every birth is different and you may need more time to heal than the suggestions below, please be mindful and always er on the side of caution.

……………..Vaginal birth with no significant tearing 6 WEEKS ……………..Vaginal birth with significant tears or episiotomy 8 WEEKS ……………..C Section birth 10 – 12 WEEKS (scar must be well healed).

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*Drop-ins welcome – $20/class


Pregnancy Yoga Testimonials

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