Kids Yoga

Yoga at an early age promotes self confidence, a positive self-image and wellness in a non-competitive environment. It will help improve your child's strength, flexibility, and coordination. Your child will learn cooperation, compassion, and techniques for self- care, such as meditation to calm and focus their mind.

When children do yoga, they aren't practicing religion; they are training life-enhancing abilities that can positively impact every child, regardless of faith. According to a 2012 study published in The Journal of Behavioural Health Services & Research, middle-school students taking yoga reported positive mood and attitude changes, increased energy and improved ability to relax, as well as improved posture.

Based on the increasing evidence supporting the efficacy of yoga for children, school-based yoga programs are being increasingly implemented across the United States and Canada. These programs are designed to address stress and anxiety, and promote social and emotional learning, physical and emotional health and well-being, all basic requirements for readiness to learn and a positive, healthy school climate.

Sitting at a desk for hours a day, going back home and pouring over books to finish the daily homework assignments, studying and acing numerous tests, participating in various extra-curricular activities, etc. all cause the body and mind to tense up.

To add to these, there are social and family challenges, anxiety, bullying and emotional that also take their toll on children.

Yoga, an elixir that works on almost every new age predicament such as obesity, depression, diabetes and panic attacks, is not a solution only for grown-ups but also for young children and can help them lead a better lifestyle as they grow up.

Yoga Practice Study Graph

Summer's Kids Camps all ready to go!

Thanks all the kidlets that came to have some fun this summer at The Yoga Loft. Theresa led the children through a variety of engaging activities that promote health & holistic well-being including:
* yoga practice
* trips to the park
* creative movement
* stories
* games
* healthy food awareness
* inspirational themes

The kids learned all about self confidence, relaxation, and how to focus and clear their minds while strengthening and stretching their bodies. We are already engaging and planning our 2020 summer camps and other camps, so keep watching!