“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down.” ~Judith Lasate

Class Descriptions

B=Beginner F=Flexibility S=Strengthening R=Relaxation Q=Quick Pick-me-up

Balance Your Energy *B/F/S/R

A class designed to guide yogis of all levels through a series of standing-seated asana. Includes pranayama (breathing) as well as mediation techniques. We work to balance the chakras and purify the energetic body while strengthening and lengthening the physical body. We cultivate an inner harmony and a peacefulness in the mind. A great class to uplift your weekend ahead!

Freedom Flow *F/S

Reclaim space in this freeing flow! This class offers you the freedom to explore your practice on your own terms. Moving through core integrated and aligned poses, take time to get grounded, settle your mind, ease tension, minimize stress, and create space! A total body flow to challenge you to go deeper on all levels as you dedicate to yourself and your specific needs. Multilayered and suitable for all levels.

Great if you are looking for:

  • An energy boost
  • A moderate-paced class
  • Core strength
  • Flexibility

Gentle Flow & QiGong *B/F/R

Looking to age gracefully? This class is designed to increase the range of motion in your body ~ specifically shoulders, neck, and back with a gentle flow suitable for all levels, especially beginners.
This uplifting class will end with restorative poses that are designed to strengthen the immune system, calm the nervous system and give you an incredible feeling of peace.

Great if you are looking for:

  • A class perfect for beginners
  • A way to help your stiff body
  • A class suitable for people with injuries
  • Stress relief

Gentle Yin/Yang *B/F/S

We begin with a series of Yin poses to calm the mind and open up tight areas of your body. We then move into more dynamic movement of Vinyasa flow to energize & strengthen your body.

Experience the perfect balance of both Yin & Yang and leave feeling energized and refreshed.

Great if you are looking for:

  • The benefits of both Yin & Vinyasa in one class

Hips & Spine *B/F/R

Release hidden tension in the hips and spine and allow yourself to completely relax and let go. This is the perfect class to end your weekend and begin a fresh new week!

Class is suitable for all levels of ability.

Mid Day Flow & Recharge *B/F/S/Q
Working the body from the earth up join Karrie as she guides you through a raw, warm and energetic 40 minute flow. This sequence is designed for you to move consciously, freely and intuitively so you can wake up and recharge the body and the mind. The repetition of poses are simple and expansive, powered by music and breath. In this class you will move and flush the body of any heaviness or tension so you can return to your day feeling reconnected and closer to yourself. Get ready to have fun with this class, trust us! It's so different than your typical yoga class - you are in for a treat!
Mid-Day Refresher *B/F/Q

Take a break from your day and re-energize with this class! This energizing flow will get your balanced, stretched out and ready for the rest of your day. Only 40 minutes to zen without breaking a sweat!

Great if you are looking for:

  • An energizing break away from your desk
  • Mid-day stress relief
  • A quick class if you are tight on time

QiGong *B/F/S/R

QiGong (pronounced “kee-gong”) is an ancient practice of breath and movement that is the basis for yoga and tai chi. Gentle flowing sequences and postures help improve general physical and emotional wellbeing, while increasing energy within the body. Those of you have that have attended Cindy's Monday morning class Gentle Flow and QiGong have already experienced the benefits of QiGong!

Refresh & Renew *B/F/R

This Hatha practice is your path to create balance and uniting of opposites. In our physical bodies we craft a balance of energy and flexibility. In our minds and hearts we offer effort and surrender in each pose.This class is a powerful tool for self-transformation. Through a light namaskar, standing asana, and soothing moon restorative poses, the practice asks us to bring our attention to our breath, which helps us to still the mind and be more present in the unfolding of each moment.

**Disclaimer: This class combines yoga and aromatherapy designed to indulge the yogi's bliss.


This relaxing & rejuvenating class will focus on deeply stretching the connective tissues of the body while using deep breathing techniques to calm and clear your mind. The candlelit atmosphere is the perfect way to end your day!

Great if you are looking for:

  • Insomnia Relief
  • A nourishing, soothing end to your busy day
  • A way to stretch your tight body

Strength & Balance *F/S

The perfect class if you are looking for balance in your life. Strengthen all aspects of your mind and body by adding balance work, invigorating poses added with breath work to have you walk away feeling strong.


A therapeutic practice designed to help you declutter from your day. Devote an hour to deep breathing, therapeutic movement and stretching designed to release tension, emotions, and stress. This grounding, relaxing practice is suitable for all practitioners.

Great if you are looking for:

  • Deep relaxation to rest your over- taxed body and mind
  • Insomnia relief
  • Chronic pain & stress relief
  • A class suitable for beginners. No experience necessary.

Yin-Tensity Yoga *B/F/R

Work out all your kinks with this quick Yin class. Yin stretches are designed to work deep layers of your body to release tension and stiffness. Leave feeling mentally refreshed, and physically looser.

Perfectly situated at the end of your day, giving you the opportunity to re-energize your body

Yin Yoga *B/F/R

The class is designed to calm, rather than energize. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes, allowing the nervous system to relax, heal and repair the body. This style focuses on stretching the deepest layers of the physical body, the connective tissues, ligaments, tendons, bones, and joints. Most poses are done either seated or lying down and props are available to support your body. Yin cultivates patience, flexibility, endurance, contentment, and letting go.

Great if you are looking for:

  • Stress relief
  • More flexibility and mobility in common sore spots- hips, back, neck & shoulders
  • A way to sleep better at night
  • A class suitable for beginners. No experience necessary.
Yoga Flow *F/S

Poses in this energetic class are connected together by conscious breathing and movement. We start with slowly, warming up the joints and gradually increase the tempo to include standing poses, seated poses and ending with deep relaxation to absorb and integrate the benefits of the practice. Increase your flexibility, stamina, focus, and self-awareness with this dynamic class. All poses are offered with modifications and variations, which makes it the perfect multi-level class!

Great if you are looking for:

  • An energy boost
  • A moderate-paced class
  • Core strength
  • Flexibility

Yoga for Neck & Shoulders *B/F/R

Target neck and shoulder tension in this therapeutic class. A much needed class to accompany the end of your day as you regain mobility and release tension. Suitable for every level!

Yoga Shred *F/S/Q

An ultimate blend of core strength vinyasa and HIIT is the first program to blend mindfulness with HIIT to take your practice safely to the next level.

Suitable for people looking for flexibility, strengthening, and a quick pick-me-up.