Please find below a list of benefits you can receive from a regular practice of yoga.

  • tones and strengthens muscles to build functional strength
  • increases range of motion and flexibility  ~ yoga lengthens and strengthens muscles and increases pliability and elasticity of connective tissues
  • reduces tension, anxiety, and other emotional stress by quieting your mind and focusing on acceptance, contentment, and self-awareness
  • gives your body necessary time to heal, repair, and rejuvenate by quieting the mind and slowing down the nervous system
  • gives you quality “me” time away from the stressors in your life ~ yoga allows you the time needed to physically, mentally, and spiritually fill up your tank, instead of running on empty
  • increases mental clarity, focus, and connection to yourself
  • you will feel centered and grounded
  • increases lung capacity, allowing the body to breathe deeper and longer, which results in calming the nervous system
  • rejuvenates and tones internal organs ~ certain poses squeeze our organs, allowing toxins to be released, followed by a flush of fresh, oxygen rich blood to this area ~ this also gives our digestive system a gentle massage