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Robyn Cunningham

Owner, RYT200 & B.Ed


Robyn has an excitement for yoga that she can’t help but share with the rest of the world. She believes that every person can create a radiant life by just diving into the richness that yoga has to offer. Her teachings are modern, relevant, and encourage you to rediscover your zest for life.

Jessie Reid

Jessie began her study of yoga 12 years ago on Vancouver Island. She realized that she had found the perfect way to balance the stress of post secondary education. With the addition of two children and a full time career in the financial industry over the next 5 years, Jessie found her practice of yoga an invaluable resource that she returned to again and again. In 2007, Jessie and her family moved to Northern Sask. This small and welcoming community inspired Jessie to begin teaching yoga. Wanting to bring the amazing benefits of this practice to others, Jessie started a yoga group that practiced weekly.

Jessie discovered the Yoga Loft in Moose Jaw while visiting family here. Practicing at this studio allowed her to fall even more deeply in love with yoga – finding more peace, enjoyment and balance to the busy pace of life. She has a special place in her heart for Pregnancy Yoga, having personally experienced the undeniable benefit of practicing yoga during all four of her pregnancies.

Mei-Ling Chow-Mintenko

Mei Ling Bio Picture

Mei-Ling is a devoted yogi and teacher with more that 16 years of experience and study in the field of yoga and wellness. She is a Core Strength Vinyasa trained instructor and specializes in breath centered practices, holistic movement and functional anatomy. Through her inspirational teachings and knowledge, she shares a wealth of passion to practice and purpose and will guide you into your own devotional practice full of heart. Mei-Ling teaches three classes a week at The Yoga Loft in Moose Jaw where she resides with her family.

Follow her @meilingmchow and https://www.facebook.com/meilingsyoga/

Sherry Matwe

Sherry Matwe Bio Picture

In life and on the mat, Sherry practices yogic philosophy, heart warming asana, and a curiosity in anatomy. Sherry Matwe sees the community that we are building in our Friendly City benefit our families, co workers, and friends. Certified in Level 1 Yoga Tune Up, Level 2 Gentle Vinyasa, Sherry is inspired to further her skills and knowledge to share with Western Canada. She wishes you deep regards in your practice and encourages a humble curiosity in Yoga.

Michelle Christie

Michelle Christie

Nature, animal and travel enthusiast!! I started studying vinyasa and yin yoga in 2010 in Saskatoon. Moving to Calgary I broadened in to Bikram yoga. Enjoying the variety and seeing the benefits physical as well as mental i chose to take my 200 hr RYT in New York City with Yoga Works. I have taken second level training in Reiki and love the healing benefits! I am committed to safely transitioning people into and out of poses safely focusing on the breath and anatomy!

Theresa Simon-Worobec

My practice is rooted in the philosophy of play. It is my intention to bring that with me when I teach. My goal is for you to leave my classes with calmness in your heart and mind and a gentle smile on your face. I obtained a 200-hour yoga teacher certificate in 2015 from Breathe Hot Yoga in Calgary and I have been practicing for much longer than that. In my spare time, I like get physical! I try to get outdoors as much as possible.

Teacher Theresa

One of my favourite things to do is go for solo walks with my dog, Walter. I also love getting out for a run with my partner and riding my awesome bike. I’ve recently joined a cross-training gym in Moose Jaw. I never thought I’d be into lifting weights, but I absolutely love it now! Another one of my intense interests is poetry. I find that yoga is a meeting place between the physical and the metaphysical where poetry can come to life and dance into the soul. Out of all the things I love to do, yoga holds a special place in my heart. It has helped me understand and appreciate the beauty that is my own body and mind. I believe we all have that beauty within us. It’s not a physical beauty, and it’s not something you can see. You have to feel it. I look forward to playing and growing with you.

Jesse Godin

Jesse Godin

To feel lost is not a lack of understanding where one is, but feeling like you don’t know where you’re going. In life we can’t predict the future but purpose gives us a direction. Choose your purpose wisely and you will have everything one could need. Pursue it with passion and you will have everything one could want.

Charlene Wilson

Yoga has been a large part of my life for a few years.It has helped me build my strength, flexibility and confidence, both on and off the matt. Yoga became such a positive influence in how my mind and body felt; and “discovering my true self”, that I was intrigued to learn more.Charlene Wilson

I was a sponge – soaking in technique and spiritual awareness. I completed my 200HR Certification with Yoga Mala and currently enrolled in my 300HR. My heart lives in gratitude and gifting others with this wonderful experience of peace and balance. I will continue to be a student of the practice and I am deeply grateful for all of the loving wisdom my teachers have shared and bestowed upon me. I am passionate to teach Flow and Yin. Flow helps our body to feel purified with deep breathing – helping to build strength, calm, and peacefulness, while increasing energy, both in the mind and body.Yin is much needed today in terms of a hectic lifestyle – helping to reduce stress and anxiety, promoting calm and balance while improving flexibility, and releasing negative energy to provide space for positive energy. My goal is that you step off your matt feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.

Sara Winsor

Sara Winsor

Sara has been practicing yoga since her early teen years. She has always loved the practice along with helping inspire others. This has lead her to become certified in 2015 and since then Sara hasn’t looked back – she loves helping others on and off the matt achieving total wellness of the body, mind and spirit.

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