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Kids Yoga

Yoga at an early age promotes self confidence, a positive self-image and wellness in a non-competitive environment. It will help improve your child’s strength, flexibility, and coordination. Your child will learn cooperation, compassion, and techniques for self- care, such as meditation to calm and focus their mind.


Kids Yoga Summer Camp at Yoga Loft

Come join the fun this summer at The Yoga Loft. Theresa will lead your child through a variety of engaging activities that promote health & holistic wellbeing including:

* yoga practice
* trips to the park
* creative movement
* stories
* games
* healthy food awareness
* inspirational themes


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Melissa will help you pick the classes that are best suited for you and your schedule!

Contact her today at:
or by Email.

* Melissa is available Monday-Thursday either 9am-11am or 4pm-9pm. We encourage you to leave a message should you reach the answering machine & she will get back to you as soon as possible.